The Most Popular... TR4 Race car

One thing that has been popular for decades happen to be driving games. It doesn’t matter if you are a geek or not one because it just seems that driving games are just loved by almost everyone of all ages. Let us take a walk down memory lane and talk about the top 5  best [&hellip

The Best Job... Playing Video Games

If you like and enjoyed too much from playing video games all day, then becoming a video game tester is perfectly suited for your personality. It is easy for you to adapt to this job and it is by transforming your playing hobby in to a career and earn money at the same time.  And [&hellip

Most Wanted Highly...

Here is a list of lists of most wanted, expected and upcoming games that will surely become a hit and famous this 2011.  This list of Top Games For 2011 are gathered from random type,kind and category of resources. For sure, hardcore gamers out there do have something to say about this list. Without further [&hellip

Video Game Testing...

Do you ever dreamed of getting paid for doing what you love the most? How about getting paid while playing new and unreleased video games? So cool right? Maybe, you already heard the above phrase all over the internet. And after you heard about it you got excited and started to research more about it [&hellip