Gwiyomi Song Fast... GWIYOMI Song Guide And Tutorial

If you follow closely what’s happening within North And South Korea, you surely know there is a tension going on. The news about it, especially North Korea, is all over the place and the name of Kim Jong Un is pretty much one of the most talked about these days. But aside from Kim Jong [&hellip

Odd But Cool... Finnjet – A 29-Meter-Long Junk Limousine Worth $1 Million

The world is indeed full of oddities. Some of them are really fun and entertaining to know and some falls into the category of “I even don’t want to know”. Aside from odd wedding traditions and culture, odd inventions, odd fashion sense or style and many more other oddities, we also have this world’s oddest [&hellip

10 World’s Young... Human Brain

I am fascinated with the fact that there are lots of youngsters nowadays who are extremely intelligent and considered as genius at their own rights. The skills, intelligence and abilities they have made them achieved some of the world’s youngest records. I listed down below my top 10 picks and favorites among the other youngest [&hellip

Unromantic Facts About... Valentines-Day

It’s almost February and Valentine’s day gimmicks and preparation are now on its peak. This is very true and noticeable for many people, especially for those who wanted to celebrate the day with style and romantic colors. But did you know that Valentine’s day also have its dark or not so romantic side? Well aside form the [&hellip