How Bingo Became... Bingo Balls

Most hobbies and pastimes go through stages of being cool and uncool, with some remaining popular from their initial release right through to the present day and others going through peaks and troughs according to various trends in the world we live in. The Internet has played a major part in a lot of recent [&hellip

Social Sharing in... PlayStation 4 Meeting Share Button

Its no secret that social media is huge worldwide. There are a colossal 1.43 billion social networking users globally. Gaming is just one of the many industries that are utilizing this by using their common ground, such as certain successful games, and mutual experiences to create conversation and engagement. On video platform YouTube there is [&hellip

Does Online Gaming... Console Free Play

The popularity of gaming has increased beyond expectations in recent years and you may expect that increase has been a result of advances in hardware increasing appeal and therefore the audience of gamers but actually the increase has come from another source. No longer is gaming bound to the constraints of a console, online gaming today has [&hellip

Dress Up Games...

Fashion makes the world go round!. That phrase is essentially true and correct for girls, specially for the teenagers of this generation. Why? It is because, at this kind of time, fashion statement for them is an art. It’s an art that expresses their feelings, their thoughts, their opinions and their own outlook about the [&hellip

Most Wanted Highly...

Here is a list of lists of most wanted, expected and upcoming games that will surely become a hit and famous this 2011.  This list of Top Games For 2011 are gathered from random type,kind and category of resources. For sure, hardcore gamers out there do have something to say about this list. Without further [&hellip

Online Games Dominated...

Most of us thinks that boys are really the one that we can call hardcore gamers. We can easily think that boys spend more time playing online, video or arcade games. But, it was prove wrong. Surveys and studies shows that girls spends more time playing online games than boys. According to an article written [&hellip