Does Online Gaming... Console Free Play

The popularity of gaming has increased beyond expectations in recent years and you may expect that increase has been a result of advances in hardware increasing appeal and therefore the audience of gamers but actually the increase has come from another source. No longer is gaming bound to the constraints of a console, online gaming today has [&hellip

Angry Birds Fun...

For sure, you know what Angry Birds is right? And most probably, you have it installed at your phone or gadgets. Well, it was one of the most enjoyable and addictive games nowadays. In fact, yours truly is getting into the groove of playing it when time permits. My daughter and wife loves playing it [&hellip

Online Games Dominated...

Most of us thinks that boys are really the one that we can call hardcore gamers. We can easily think that boys spend more time playing online, video or arcade games. But, it was prove wrong. Surveys and studies shows that girls spends more time playing online games than boys. According to an article written [&hellip