Makeshift Modernity –... Large Home

Style and technology are constantly changing and whether your home is fifteen years old or one hundred and fifty there are probably some things that are outdated. Maybe you want to update the aesthetics of your home, the technology or the layout to make it a more modern and functional living space for you and [&hellip

Adding Class, Leisure... walled garden

Not enough people appreciate a good garden. Even those that do often don’t have the time to actually work on their garden themselves. But if you even have a garden then you should consider yourself lucky! Not only are gardens adding more and more to real estate value, but they’re somewhat of a rarity for [&hellip

How to Choose...

Most people fail to realize just how hard it can be to own a home. There are so many different things a homeowner has to be responsible for. Finding the time to keep a home well maintained can be a lot easier said than done in most cases. Choosing the right additions to make to [&hellip

What to Expect... Roof Tiles

You’ve finally decided to have your roof replaced.  Congratulations!  You’re on your way to once again having a safe and beautiful roof over your head.  What should you expect while your roof is being replaced? Noise! There’s no way to get around it:  Roofing is noisy business.  From nail guns and the sound of debris [&hellip

Why You Need... Old Room

Mold. The word conjures up images of the green stuff growing on that last piece of bread at the bottom of the bread box, right?  Although that is definitely one example of mold, there are other kinds of mold that can be found in your home that can cause a much bigger problem than having [&hellip

Trending Pieces of... Patio Furniture

Crafting the perfect patio can be challenging but also rewarding. In crafting the perfect patio there are a number of things you can use. In fact, creating the ideal patio before your next event requires three special pieces. The first piece you need is a glass table. A table is the perfect piece of furniture [&hellip

Plumbing Problems You... Plumber Talking To Woman

Being the owner of a home can be a very rewarding one, but one with definite stresses as well. The more you are able to find out about the inner workings of your home, the easier you will find it to keep everything in check. There are a number of repairs you can face in [&hellip