5 Tips And... Health Illness

When we talk about health and wellness, we are not just talking about the physical aspect, but also the mental condition of a human being.  The mental and physical condition of a person must be healthy enough to cope with the challenge of everyday living. Unfortunately, due to the great amount of “stressors” that a [&hellip

Amazing Health Benefits... anti-inflammatory-turmeric

When it comes to herbs and spices, turmeric is probably one of the best, if not the best among its category. Many people call it as the queen or even the king of spices around the world. The reason behind this is not only because of its amazing flavor, but also because of the amazing [&hellip

Increasing Emergency Room... Emergency-Room

Emergency rooms are notorious for having long wait times that make some people dread visiting them. A study of 2003 to 2009 average emergency room wait times indicated an average wait time of 58.1 minutes. In urban areas, the wait time was closer to 64 minutes. Currently, some people have two wait over two hours [&hellip

The Evolution of... SCRUBS

Modern scrubs are used by all sorts of professionals, from dentists to nurses and surgeons. Considering how standardized they seem, it’s easy to think that scrubs have always been the same. Actually, scrubs have changed a lot over the years so that they can better fit the needs of medical professionals. While we associate doctors [&hellip

Is RN to...

Deciding whether or not to pursue an RN to BSN online comes down to what career path you want to take. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) takes four years to complete. Nurses go through the degree program faster if they opt to take courses online instead of at a traditional brick and mortar [&hellip

The Importance of... Czech nursing students

Many nurses study to further their career on their own time, struggling with costs, work, and family. They work hard under a flock of pressures, driven by their desire to serve. Once they get there, they find there is always more to learn. An Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree is not enough. A higher level of [&hellip

Side Effects of... Laser Eye Surgery

During laser eye surgery, a laser is used to reshape the surface of the eye. This popular form of laser corneal sculpting is used to correct short-sightedness, uneven curvature of the surface of the eye or to correct long-sightedness. Laser eye surgery does not mean that you will never have to wear glasses again. Many [&hellip