Electronic Gadgets My... Kids And Gadgets

In this technology driven world, it’s no surprise that kids are able to learn how to use and operate computers, gadgets and accessories without getting into much trouble (or risking their safety). With the user friendly devices and gadgets within reach, even a 2 year old kid can surely learn how to play games and [&hellip

Five Electrical Appliances... Household Appliances

The modern way of designing a home seems to stem around the electrical devices. Everything we own seems to require electricity in some form, either through a plug socket or batteries. The fancy smartphone, the computer that you’rereading this article on and the music device in your pocket – they all require electricity to work. [&hellip

A Merry iPad... iPad For Christmas

I really wanted to have an iPad. I wanted to buy one but budget won’t allow me. I wanted to buy one not for my self but for my daughter. She asked me if I can afford to buy one as my birthday and Christmas present for her (her birthday falls at the month of [&hellip

iPad Mini Sales... Apple iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is the newest product that Apple has on the market, and the sales, including accessories for the iPad Mini, are skyrocketing. During the first week alone, Apple has sold 3 million units of the iPad Mini. It’s not only Apple who will be enjoying the high sales of their newest baby; their [&hellip