A Choice of... Different Tablets Gadgets

Laptops and desktop PCs have been overtaken in popularity by tablets in the last year. Almost 31% of internet users in the US alone own a tablet and that figure is expected to jump to 47% by 2014 – that’s 117 million tablet users. There’s a wealth of choice available for tablet buyers and how [&hellip

Electronic Gadgets My... Kids And Gadgets

In this technology driven world, it’s no surprise that kids are able to learn how to use and operate computers, gadgets and accessories without getting into much trouble (or risking their safety). With the user friendly devices and gadgets within reach, even a 2 year old kid can surely learn how to play games and [&hellip

Video Game Testing...

Do you ever dreamed of getting paid for doing what you love the most? How about getting paid while playing new and unreleased video games? So cool right? Maybe, you already heard the above phrase all over the internet. And after you heard about it you got excited and started to research more about it [&hellip