Top Tips for... Graphic Design

When considering using design portfolio websites, you may have worried about making an impact with your profile and portfolio. However, it need not be stressful to create a great graphic design portfolio, especially using these top tips. Use High Quality Images in Your Design Portfolio: Many people make the mistake of using all of their [&hellip

4 Amazing Tattoo... Amazing Tattoo

Tattoos are very popular and they have become a true fashion statement in today’s world. We all know at least one man who has decorated his body with a tattoo. Men use tattoos to express their strength, personality, masculinity. But, men’s tattoos can also represent some important people and events. Women love tattooed guys and [&hellip

10 Tips For... Office Design

Some industries are distinctly more creative than others. Careers in advertising, architecture, fashion, film, publishing, software, toys, television, radio and video games require you to use your imagination

The Best Art...

Art Galleries showcase art that highlights the natural beauty of the world. Everyday people create new works of art and place them in art galleries all over the world. An art gallery displays a variety of art, such as drawings, painting, photographs, and sculptures etc. The purpose of the art gallery is to show off [&hellip

Filipino Tattoos

Filipino Tattoos Mini History Tattooing is a part of the very first Filipino tribal life. According to the history, When the Spanish visited and set their foot here in the Philippines, the very first group of people they met are tribal people of Visayas who have a full body tattoo. During the good old day, [&hellip