Will The iPhone... iphone 6 device

Apple have created a line of phones that changed the way in which we use mobile technology, it has now become normal for people to basically carry computers around in the palms of their hands. There were attempts to bring smartphones out for the general public before however, these were not successful for a number of reasons, be [&hellip

Apple MacBook Pro... apple macbook pro giveaway

Again, I joined another giveaway hosted and spearheaded by Manuel Garcia of Designrshub.com. As you might already know, I didn’t won the last 2 contest I joined in via the said blog. I feel that I am out of luck but, I am trying it out again with this year end contest. DesignrsHub.Com offers a MacBook Pro [&hellip

iPad Mini Sales... Apple iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is the newest product that Apple has on the market, and the sales, including accessories for the iPad Mini, are skyrocketing. During the first week alone, Apple has sold 3 million units of the iPad Mini. It’s not only Apple who will be enjoying the high sales of their newest baby; their [&hellip

Apple iPad Mini...

Joining giveaways online is quite addictive, much more if the prize or item to be given away is one heck of a cool gadget just like the iPad Mini!. Tomorrow, November 30, 2012, a winner of Apple iPad Mini 32GB Giveaway will be drawn and announced. As you can remember (if you visit my blog from [&hellip

Steve Jobs Resignation...

The world, specially the technology and gadget world or businesses are in in shock because of this news. Steve Jobs stepped down and resigned as CEO of APPLE effective immediately. At his resignation letter, Steve Jobs personally recommended Tim Cook, Apple COO, to take charge and as the Apple CEO. Tim Cook is already the [&hellip