An Awesome Guide... UK Travel

So, you want to travel around the UK, but you don’t want to pay top-end prices for it? Well, it is not so hard to visit some of the most popular places in the UK on a budget. Many tourists find that they can do things for free and save money as they travel. When [&hellip

10 Tips For... Office Design

Some industries are distinctly more creative than others. Careers in advertising, architecture, fashion, film, publishing, software, toys, television, radio and video games require you to use your imagination

5 Important Devices... Home Office 2

Offices need stuff. That stuff needs to work with you to increase your productivity and workflow. Technological devices help to get work done faster and easier. There is a vast array of devices available for home offices. Here are a few that are a must before you consider anything else. 1. Broadband Fast and efficient [&hellip

Advantages Of Using... Stack Stones

These days, more and more homeowners are open to experimenting with materials and designs when it comes to their properties. Something that is slowly growing in popularity is stack stone, which are sometimes referred to as cladding. Because very little is known about stack designs, we felt it was important to outline some of the [&hellip

How To Use... Chroma Key Effect

You must be well aware of the fact how people use software to change the background of images. This effect is most commonly seen on TV where actors shoot against a green background but later when we see it appears with a fascinating background such as that of a train on fire, landscapes and many [&hellip

Everything You Wanted... Aluminium venetian blinds

Many homeowners are opting for honeycomb blinds over conventional shades because they offer markedly better thermal performance (particularly for homes in colder climates). They provide insulation by effectively trapping air within their cores, as well as between the shade and the window. They are made of a pleated material and designed to fold up (accordion-like) [&hellip

All About The... MP4

AVI is a simple video coder. The usual video compression formats use this. The speed of encoding is very high and so, the doing high quality compressions is the best using this format. MP4 is usually used to compress the video formats which have the H.264 and it is this feature that makes compressing videos [&hellip