Learning More About... Painting Tools

Two of the more popular and widely used acrylic mediums are glazing and impasto mediums. Uses for the acrylic mediums include to make paint thinner or thicker. Paintings that have been made using the mediums can look like they have a distinctive shadow on them. It’s these paintings that are used to add design to [&hellip

Choosing a West... Colored Tux

At some point of their lives, most people will need to wear a tuxedo to a special event.  Tuxedos are frequently worn when standing up in a wedding or going to a special catered affair.  While tuxedos are very classy and can greatly enhance anyone’s appearance, they can be very expensive. Since most people will [&hellip

Hard Time Fixing... Toilet

Everyone has a plumbing question at some point in time. This article will provide you with both so you can be prepared for any plumbing emergencies arise. If your water pipe freezes, turn on the tap to the faucet nearest the pipe so that the water has somewhere to exit as the pipe thaws. This [&hellip

A Quick Guide... NFL National Football League

Free agency is a big deal for the National Football League come springtime, with every team looking to make themselves better. Sometimes there are big name players out there with their contracts expiring with teams either looking to keep them for a few more years or  let them go and snatch up players that they [&hellip

5 Ways to... Safe Storage

Wild weather events appear to be on the increase. With severe storms, floods and cyclones becoming almost a regular event, it is important to plan ahead for storm season. Safe Storage First and foremost, make sure everything is stored away safely. Belongings should not be stored out in the yard during storm season, as they [&hellip

Great Deals on... designer clothing

While the economy is steadily improving, many of us are still struggling a little financially, and this can be especially difficult for those of us who are fashion conscious.  Following the ever changing trends and adapting to the different seasons of the year can become a very expensive habit!  Shopping sales or going to lower [&hellip

There’s No Place... Holiday Celebration

Life is hard enough when you’re dealing with Crohn’s disease. During the holidays, it can take away from some of the joy you want to experience. With careful planning, your Crohn’s disease doesn’t have to ruin your holidays. Prepare When the holidays are approaching, make a plan that will help you get everything ready without [&hellip