Awesome Valentine’s Day... Valentine’s Day Office Party Ideas

Have you been bored of your daily office routine? Hey it’s Valentine’s day once again and why won’t you guys who spend your everyday life hunching over piles and piles of devastating paperwork give yourself a break. Common, Valentine’s Day is all about Love so loving yourself is a part of Valentine’s day as well. [&hellip

Remarkable Valentine’s Day... Valentines Day Hearts

Males usually give gifts to their loved ones every 14th of February and girls seldom give guys anything in return. Don’t you think it’s unfair? Yes I know that this issue may lead to a very long discussion so to immediately cut this issue, check these bright and wonderful Valentine gift ideas which suits him [&hellip

Effective Tips On...

Approaching a woman can be extremely difficult.  Most men at some point in their life have felt the almost paralyzing nervousness & self-doubt when approaching a woman that they don’t know. Every woman is different in regard to their tastes in men. Because of this, you have to know what works best in general—and you’ll [&hellip

How To Speak... Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Maligayang Araw Ng Mga Puso! I just wanted to greet you guys with a very Happy Valentine’s Day! It doesn’t matter if you are single, in a relationship or in a complicated status or situation, there is always a good reason to greet and celebrate Valentine’s Day in a good and happy [&hellip

Unromantic Facts About... Valentines-Day

It’s almost February and Valentine’s day gimmicks and preparation are now on its peak. This is very true and noticeable for many people, especially for those who wanted to celebrate the day with style and romantic colors. But did you know that Valentine’s day also have its dark or not so romantic side? Well aside form the [&hellip

Historical And Memorable... Love Equation

February 14 (Valentine’s Day) is fast approaching. We know that on this date, lovers all over the world will celebrate. Aside from flowers and gifts, the day will be surely filled with love and romance of couples, partners and pairs. Aside from being a day of love and romance, do you know anything more, like [&hellip

The Vow Quotable... THE VOW Qoutes

Few hours ago and a day before Valentine’s day, me and my wife spent some time together watching THE VOW.  The movie is based on the true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, they published a book about their story called: “The Vow: The Kim and Krickitt Carpenter Story“. I don’t usually watch romantic stuffs [&hellip