Most Popular Tourist... Istanbul Turkey

Turkey offers a magnificent view of different types of destinations. From the dome and cozy skyline of Istanbul to the ancient ruins found on the western and southern coasts, from the beaches to temples and the ancient castles, you do not want to miss these great worldwide attractions. Aspendos Theater Aspendos has one of the [&hellip

Step Back in... Four Corners Monument

If you spend your weekends watching the History Channel and visiting your local community center, it may be time to move. Certain cities in the US serve as living, perfectly preserved time capsules, which are heavenly for history lovers. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the history of our country’s independence or explore different [&hellip

9 Awesome Things... Mount-Kilimanjaro - Tanzania

Tanzania in Africa is one of the greatest places to visit in the world, due to it’s vast array of exciting activities, scenery, and wildlife. You can do things here that you wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else, not to mention cross a whole lot of things off your bucket list! Here are 9 [&hellip

The World’s Most... MARINA

Yacht fanatics, take note. If you’re dreaming of sailing off on the summer seas to somewhere altogether sunnier, there is a group of ‘super marinas’ that you could be aiming for. The slight catch is that it can cost almost £3,000 a night to leave your beloved boat in a berth. So, visit your yacht [&hellip

Odd But Cool... Finnjet – A 29-Meter-Long Junk Limousine Worth $1 Million

The world is indeed full of oddities. Some of them are really fun and entertaining to know and some falls into the category of “I even don’t want to know”. Aside from odd wedding traditions and culture, odd inventions, odd fashion sense or style and many more other oddities, we also have this world’s oddest [&hellip

Awesome Jobs In...

Jobs in Pampanga are getting bigger and bigger than ever. With the tourism at its highest state right now in Pampanga, business establishments are popping out here and there at almost every corner of the province. Aside from small and big businesses, free port and economic zones are also strategically located inside Pampanga. These establishments, [&hellip