Perform This Aluminium... Swimming pool

For each child death that occurs as a result of drowning in the swimming pool, there are many more ‘near misses’ that have resulted in a child needing resuscitation and/or hospitalization

WARNING: Be Careful... Be Careful What You Post And Share Online

First of all, Happy 2013 to all of you my dear readers. Today, I got you some videos that will surely convince you to be really extra careful about what you post and share online. The videos below talks about certain issues, problems and scenario that is really happening in today’s world. This post is [&hellip

3 Tips For... kids-sharing-secret

Hmm… don’t you guys think of the title kinda’ ironic??? Well, with the advent of various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more… the secrets that we have laid kept in the deepest part our ourselves doesn’t have any room in these social media sites and this is a FACT. Obviously, this article’s [&hellip