The Two Categories... OnPage SEO OffPage SEO

What does SEO do? If you have a business to promote, then you want to have a higher search engine ranking than your competitors. You need your website to be found in Google when people search for your main products or services. What you need is SEO. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process by which [&hellip

Video Game Testing...

Do you ever dreamed of getting paid for doing what you love the most? How about getting paid while playing new and unreleased video games? So cool right? Maybe, you already heard the above phrase all over the internet. And after you heard about it you got excited and started to research more about it [&hellip

Sikat Ang Pinoy

KahitSino.Org is my official entry for the 1st Tagalog SEO competition by We are competing for the key phrase “Sikat Ang Pinoy“. Official Palarong SEO Logo By PalarongSEO.Com This Tagalog SEO competition of the year will run from November 30, 2009 to February 14, 2010. The good thing about this competition is, it aims [&hellip

SEO Contests

Joining an SEO contest is really entertaining, fun and will bring the best out of your SEO skills and talent. But sometimes, its the opposite feeling and emotion. SEO contest is defined as: “An activity awarding prizes that challenges search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners to rank themselves among the major search engines such as Google, [&hellip

Learn Search Engine...

I learned SEO via a self study and with the help of some authority websites, ebooks, videos and forums. It was not that easy; at the beginning. But as time goes by and the more I read, watch and listen, the more familiar and effective I become on the SEO field. Until today, I am [&hellip

Career Path And...

This is a repost from my old blog. This article deserves a repost or may I say, a bump for many reasons. Personally, I find this information useful for all SEO practicioners, may it be a beginner or an expert in the field. SEO Career Entry Point IT/Programming/Graphics/Web – People who started here are good [&hellip

What is Search...

I am a SEO. That is what I always tell other people when they asked what I am doing for a living. Often times, I ended up explaining the meaning and what a Search Engine Optimizer really does and it takes lots of effort and large amount of time to explain it really well. My [&hellip