You Wouldn’t Believe... Woman Mirror

How do you see yourself when you look at the mirror? Do you see all the amazing features that you are blessed with? Or do you see your flaws? If you are pretty much like every woman in the world, then you most probably focus on the negative parts of your face– or even, your [&hellip


It’s already SEPTEMBER and it’s the month of the year again! Filipinos like me usually see the BER month (SeptemBER) as a sign or hint to start the CHRISTMAS countdown. Yes, we Filipinos kinda start the Christmas celebration or preparation as early as September. Some may find it odd or a bit “over” but for [&hellip

UFC 164 Henderson... UFC 164 Henderson vs Pettis

UFC fans, prepare yourselves to witness the highly awaited rematch of reigning UFC lightweight champion Benson Herderson and no. 1 top contender Anthony Pettis at the Milwaukee’s BMO Harris Bradley Center on August 31st. It’s a must-see UFC event we can’t really afford to miss! The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is storming Milmaukee anew bringing [&hellip

Awesome Info That...

I am lucky enough to set up an email interview with one of the finest Filipina travel blogger of this generation. Her website is truly one of the best travel blog I have ever known because of information rich contents along with awesome photos of each and every place she visited. Some of you may [&hellip

29+ Greatest Romantic...

Great romantic movies always leaves a mark when it touches someone’s heart. One big example is The Vow movie wherein as soon as I finished watching it, I immediately posted an article about The Vow Movie Quotes. This just proves that the scene, the song and the dialogs of any good romantic movies won’t ever [&hellip

Andres Bonifacio –...

As we all know, Andres Bonifacio created, formed and founded KKK, the revolutionary movement (wherein he served as the SUPREMO) who fought  for independence from the Spaniards. But aside from that, do you know more information about him? If not, then here’s some more facts about him that might interest you. Andres Castro Bonifacio was [&hellip

The Kitchen Musical...

First and foremost, I must admit that I am really excited to watch this one of a kind Asian TV Musical series. With the big hit of the musical series: GLEE, The Kitchen Musical will surely satisfy your music and food cravings as well. The Kitchen Musical is a unique and fresh music-dance-drama wherein the [&hellip