Top 5 Things... Divorce

In modern times the idea of divorce is no longer considered a taboo.  The majority of marriages end up in divorce these days and I am even a victim of a split family.  Divorce can be tough on the individual as well as the entire family.  How each person handles it can be very different and [&hellip

How Relationship Coach... Couple Relationship

Are you like other people and do you feel that sometimes, you can’t deal with the things you have to deal with? Sure. They are taxing and require certain secret acumen that needs to be tapped, but what happens when you bring in a relationship coach to the picture? Does this mean that things are [&hellip

Applying for Home... Car And House

Unless you’re a Premier League footballer or you’ve won the lottery, the chances are that you’re unable to pay for your new home or car in one go – turning up at the dealership or estate agent and being able to pay the whole amount. To us mere mortals, it’s often the case that we have to [&hellip

Stuff I Must... Dad

If you are a regular reader or visitor of this humble blog of mine, you surely already read my article about the freelancer problems I am facing right now. I am keeping up with them, and slowly but surely, I am starting to overcome them. For me to eradicate some of the common freelancer problems [&hellip

The Top 4... Work From Home Freelancer Problems

Working as a freelancer with my wife and 3 kids at sight is a good thing for me, it’s the biggest benefit of working from home can give. But just like other good things in life, working from home as a freelancer do have its own version of disadvantages as well. Some people might think [&hellip

WARNING: Be Careful... Be Careful What You Post And Share Online

First of all, Happy 2013 to all of you my dear readers. Today, I got you some videos that will surely convince you to be really extra careful about what you post and share online. The videos below talks about certain issues, problems and scenario that is really happening in today’s world. This post is [&hellip

3 Stunning Illusion...

Here are my top 3 picks of awesome photography illusions I found around the web. The below 3 photos gave me a bit of headache trying to figure out why or how the hell those photos/images happened. Here they are. Old Face, Young Body – Explain It To Me! Great Hug But, To Whom Are [&hellip