10 Most Stupid... Stupid Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers were once predominantly used for advertising. If you purchased a motor vehicle part or something from a motorcycle shop, you were given a sticker promoting either the shop or a particular product. Bumper stickers are made up of catchy slogans and can endorse products and businesses. They are also used to make a [&hellip

Halloween Oppan Gangnam...

With the hit song Oppan Gangnam Style of Korean rapper Psy almost breaking music records world wide, it is expected to be a big hit this coming Halloween and probably, until Christmas as well. Big brands, manufacturers, wholesalers and even retailers are now making their very own craft of anything related to Oppa Gangnam Style [&hellip

Learning the 5... Types Of College Teachers

Learning the 5 Types of College Professors (From an ex-college student’s POV) Hey there!!!  It is pretty good to wake-up in the morning and start a day with a smile. Oh!!! Yes I remember. What month is it now??? It is June. isn’t it??? I just can’t seem to believe that we have once again [&hellip