A Choice of... Different Tablets Gadgets

Laptops and desktop PCs have been overtaken in popularity by tablets in the last year. Almost 31% of internet users in the US alone own a tablet and that figure is expected to jump to 47% by 2014 – that’s 117 million tablet users. There’s a wealth of choice available for tablet buyers and how [&hellip

Filipina Fashion Blogger... Nokia Lumia Angela Ricardo

If you can still remember (if you are a regular reader of my blog or if you visit my blog from time to time), I posted an article about the fast emerging influential Filipina Fashion Bloggers of 2012. That list includes Filipina fashion bloggers here (in Philippines) and abroad. Included at that list is the [&hellip

iPad Mini Sales... Apple iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is the newest product that Apple has on the market, and the sales, including accessories for the iPad Mini, are skyrocketing. During the first week alone, Apple has sold 3 million units of the iPad Mini. It’s not only Apple who will be enjoying the high sales of their newest baby; their [&hellip