Choosing a West... Colored Tux

At some point of their lives, most people will need to wear a tuxedo to a special event.  Tuxedos are frequently worn when standing up in a wedding or going to a special catered affair.  While tuxedos are very classy and can greatly enhance anyone’s appearance, they can be very expensive. Since most people will [&hellip

Great Deals on... designer clothing

While the economy is steadily improving, many of us are still struggling a little financially, and this can be especially difficult for those of us who are fashion conscious.  Following the ever changing trends and adapting to the different seasons of the year can become a very expensive habit!  Shopping sales or going to lower [&hellip

Men’s Style: An... Mens Fashion Outfit

A lot of guys don’t tend to put a lot of effort into their preparation for nights out, whether it’s for the big night out on the town with friends or a house party, it’s regularly a case of your favourite or newest t-shirt, a pair of jeans or trousers and either casual or smart [&hellip

The Qualities of... Fashion Photography

A lot of fashion enthusiasts enjoy the thrill of flipping over the pages of high fashion magazines such as Vogue and often left in awe of the editorial and centerfold that are not only creative but well photographed as well. This is one of the reasons why there has been a sudden interest in the [&hellip

Websites That Features... Unique Barbie Dolls

There are lot of things why women love Barbie dolls. Aside from being the world’s well known doll, Barbie dolls do have lot of characters and persona that it can portray. The most common Barbie doll persona known to human is the fashion model Barbie doll. Naturally, women loves fashion thus making them love fancy [&hellip

Fashion Blogger Patricia...

As you can still remember, I posted an article highlighting the 13 Fast Emerging Influential Filipina Fashion Bloggers And Their Blogs few months ago. Patricia Tan is one of the thirteen. To further back up that post and give more credits to their blogs and the bloggers behind them, I decided to ask Patricia few [&hellip

39 Awesome And...

People from all walks of life do love fashion. Men, women, adults and kids are kinda hooked into it.  Even me, a grown up man and proud father of 2 is kinda addicted into it. In fact, I co-created and owned a fashion games arcade website that you can visit and play with today. Fashion [&hellip