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Still looking for good ways to organize, redecorate and redesign your comfy house, apartment or home? Here are some of the most impressive, clever and effective hacks and tips that you can follow. Most of them won’t require you to buy tools, gadgets and equipments. In fact, they promote recycling those seldom used items you already have.

Without further ado, here are some of the best hacks that I really find interesting and for sure you will too!

Use desk curtain that can hide messy cords!

Use a desk curtain to hide messy cords.

For the impossible-to-hide cords or cables, try the tiny picket fence.

Hide wires and cables with a tiny picket fence.

Create a gadget-friendly charging station.

Create an electronic charging station.

This kind of drawer can work too!

Drawer Outlets

And here’s another design or style.

Drawer Charging Stations

You can also create extra storage  right at your stairs!

Install stairs that double as drawers.

Don’t waste away the space under your stairs. Do this.

Use all of that extra space under the stairs as storage.

Or This

Display your book collection under the stairs.

And This

Under Stairs Book Nook

Paintings, old or new, can certainly help in decorating and even hiding some of your accessories and/or jewelries!

Hide jewelry (or anything really) with a painting.

Get creative with your books by using invisible book shelf!

Stack books with the invisible book shelf.

Got a great deck? Build a bar on it!

Build a bar into your deck.

For a more romantic night, change your old boring ceiling for a star-gazing sunroof.

Swap out your boring old ceiling for a star-gazing sunroof.

Trying to hang some stuff with holes at their back? Try this technique!

When Hanging Something With Exact Holes, Do This

Get creative and at the same time, save some space by creating a drawer chopping board!

Kitchen Drawers As Cutting Boards

Here’s another look of it!

Drawer Chop Board

This foil holder rack at your pantry door will surely help a lot in terms of organizing and saving precious space!

DIY Foil Holder Rack for Your Pantry Door.

And oh, there are times that you wanted to hide your TV right? Here’s one of most impressive solutions!

Hidden TV

So, what interest you the most? For me it’s the under the stairs stuff and drawers as charging stations. It will surely work best for me and my home.

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