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How do you see yourself when you look at the mirror? Do you see all the amazing features that you are blessed with? Or do you see your flaws? If you are pretty much like every woman in the world, then you most probably focus on the negative parts of your face– or even, your life. The #imEnough campaign starts with this every powerful, moving and inspiring video that can turn that sour attitude into a thankful one — a negative self imagery into an appreciation of oneself.

The #ImEnough campaign is the brainchild of the all-female band from Texas– The Mrs.. This campaign is designed to help women change their view of their appearance and the way they see themselves by letting them discover the real them with the use of a special mirror. The #imEnough campaign video is now trending worldwide and can be watched in social media sites. This video shows a special mirror that asks any woman  who will stand in front of it– about what she feels when she sees her reflection in the mirror.

The mirror also shows a scale with different descriptions like woof, hot mess and I am enough. Unsurprisingly, women slided the meter to either woof or hot mess– two of the lowest scales in the meter. This is the part that makes all the difference. Every time a woman answers negatively or feels negative about herself, the mirror says (yes, literally!) great things about her. These amazing praises are backed up with emotional videos featuring the woman’s family members, friends and colleagues telling her how amazing she is.

At the end of every encounter– the mirror is able to achieve its goal– to tell them that they are already enough just the way they are.

This is pretty inspiring and powerful stuff. Before you hit that play button, I suggest you place a box of tissue by your side– you will definitely need one!

Video Description:

We are The Mrs., an all-female band from Austin, Texas. We recently asked women how they felt when they looked in the mirror. As you can see, we didn’t like the answer, so we decided to help change it.

“ENOUGH” looking in the mirror with such a critical eye.

“ENOUGH” of that negative voice we hear in our heads.

“ENOUGH” letting the world tell us who we should be.

The Mrs.’ debut single, “Enough”, was written to help women see themselves with a less critical eye, and realize that they are “Enough” just the way they are. Instead of creating a traditional music video, we opted to do something unconventional: take our message directly to the women who inspire us.