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The Slope Of The Stair

The connection of the front edge of stair flight’s each step is grade line. The included angle of grade line and horizontal plane is the slope of stair. The slope of stair is better to be 20 degree to 45 degree. 30 degree is the most common choice. The slope of stair is varied for its function: the slope of crawling ladder is above 60 degree; the slope for dedicated stair is 45 degree to 60 degree; 14 degree to 27 degree for exterior and interior step; the slope of ramp is below 15 degree. When there is senior and kids, the slope of stair should be not too large.

The Size of Stair Step

The size of stair step usually is match with the stride of human foot. The size of step includes height and width. For adult, the minimum width of stairstep is 240mm, comfortable width is 300mm. The height of stairstep should not surpass 170mm, comfortable height is around 150mm. The height range of stairstep is better to be 150mm to 230mm for family with senior and kids.

Besides, the number of stairstep cannot less than 3, or there would be hidden danger for missing foot. When the number of stairstep is over 18, stair landing should be considered for resting.

Specifications for Stair – Make Full Preparation Before Step into Store

The Width Of Stair Flight

Usually the width of stair flight is decided by the stream of human. Smooth traffic is the rule must observe. Usually the width of stair flight for residence should not less than 1100mm.

The Width Of Stair Landing

The width of stair landing is divided into halfpace width and floor landing width. The indoor stair landing belongs to halfpace. Halfpace width should be equal to or more than stair flight width and cannot less than 1100mm.

The Height Of Handrail

The height of interior stair handrail is between 900mm to 1000mm. for prevent kids getting through gap of handrail, the horizontal distance between handrail is less than 120mm.

The Headroom Height Of the Stair

The perpendicular distance of stairstep and ceiling should not less than 2 m, or people will have depression feeling and tall person will bump head.

After knowing the specifications for indoor stair, we should also prepare some tips for choosing it. There are wooden stair, steel stair and stair made by combination materials according to material and straight stair, folding stair, arc stair, winding stair according to style. We should choose stair according to home design style and areaof house. Environmental protection performance, safetyconsideration (including anti-skidding property, fire proofing, and sharp corner treatment), damp proofing, wear resistance, firmness and load bearing capacity are the critical factors for stair.

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