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Many researchers, doctors and dentists suggest that there is a direct relation or a link between the oral health and general body health. This is true. Your mouth and teeth are part of your body, so taking good care of your overall oral health makes a good sense. Unlike before, many people today realize that healthy mouth and teeth is very important for the overall body health. Keeping your teeth healthy is necessary, but there are other reasons why should pay attention on your oral health. The following text will highlight some reasons why the oral care is important for a healthy body, and why you need to visit a dental clinic in Melbourne regularly.

Oral Health

Healthy Gums And Teeth For Healthy Heart.

Many medical studies show that there is a direct link between oral diseases and heart problems. According to these studies, people who suffer from oral diseases are at great risk to get some kind of heart problem. They are at greater risk of having heart attacks than those who aren’t suffering from periodontal diseases. Furthermore, various gum diseases from bacterias can cause serious cardiovascular problems because the bacterial exposure may increase the inflammation level in the body. Higher inflammation level is a major contributor to serious health problems. This is why you should periodically visit your local dental clinic in Melbourne. Your dentist should ask you whether you suffer from some heart problems, and conversely, your doctor should examine your overall oral health. This is important because one problem may be an indicator for other problems.

Healthy Mouth For Healthy Pregnancy.

Regular teeth checkups and visits to your local dental clinic in Melbourne is very important, especially during pregnancy. Some medial reports in Australia show that women with bad oral health are at great risk to have some complications during their pregnancy. These complications might be pre-term and low weight babies. Babies that are born with low weight or are born pre-term are at great risk to suffer from some complications later, such as asthma, birth anomalies, ear infections, heart and breathing problems, etc. Pregnant women need to take special care to keep their teeth healthy. Healthy teeth is important not only for themselves but also for their babies.

Prevent Diabetes With Good Oral Health.

You may be familiar with the fact that people who suffer from diabetes are prone to various gum and teeth diseases. New studies show surprising facts that teeth or gum diseases may actually trigger diabetes as they affect the blood glucose control. The periodontal disease is an infection, and because of that it produce toxins which affect the carbohydrate level in every blood cell. How the body will response to the periodontal disease may increase the insulin resistance which in turn affects the glucose level in the blood. This should be a wake up call for you to visit your local dental clinic in Melbourne since the risk for diabetes is high.

Good Oral Health For Cancer Prevention.

Visiting your local dental clinic in Melbourne regularly is important for another reason, and that’s the chance for early oral cancer detection and prevention. All dentists have the knowledge and the skills to do a detailed cancer screening in the patient mouth by checking the tongue, gums, cheeks and lips. These checkups should be a part of what is a normal dental visit. You need to keep in mind that almost half of the patients diagnosed with oral cancer live no more than 5 years. Because of that, detecting any signs early is essential.

Good Oral Health For Good Body Shape.

Teeth brushing signals that you have finished your meal. Use this simple but quite effective trick if you want to lose some weight. Finish your meal, and then when you are tempted to continue eating or to try some delicious deserts, stop and go brush your teeth in the bathroom. This action will tell your appetite that the lunchtime is over. Brushing your teeth cleans your mouth and freshens your breath. The food doesn’t taste too good if you eat after cleaning your teeth with a mint toothpaste. Your dentist at the local dental clinic in Melbourne can tell you additional tips and tricks about your oral health.