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Watching your favorite team compete in a championship match is truly fun and exciting.The emotion you feel while seeing them play is sometimes quite nerve-wracking. And it can be more amazing if you watch the game with friends and family who are also die-hard fans of your beloved team.

But what if some of your friends and family members are not a fan of your team or the sports they are playing in? How can you make them enjoy the game viewing like the way you enjoy it? Below are some few effective tips and ideas that you can try and apply.

Make it more than just a game viewing

Instead of just sitting down at the couch with beers at hand, why not set a big screen at your garden and make your game viewing a barbecue night party. Whatever the result of the game will be, there’s surely an amazing after party for everyone to enjoy.

Do a betting game

You can do some betting game with your friends and other family members. The bet can be in form of cash or other stuff that you guys can agree to, like for example a pair of shoes. But if you want to bet for real money, I suggest not doing it against your friends. Better yet, ask them to join you and place some bet against other fans out there.There are many websites that gather all the information you need in order to place a bet, such as BettingTop10 as it gives you a clear and detailed guide to betting sites. Always remember though, do the betting game just for added fun and excitement.

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Do a drinking game

If one or two of your friends are supporting the other team competing against your favorite team, ask them to do a drinking game with you. Each time your team scores a point, they drink and each time their team scores, you drink. This is great for soccer matches, American football and so. Just don’t do this if the game is basketball as you guys might end up drunk even before the game is over.

Prepare delicious food and bake some goods

Aside from the game itself, make the food the center of the event especially if you are the host. Impress them with your baking skills by creating food aligned to the team you are supporting. Better yet, you can bake some goodies with both team’s logo in it so everyone can fully enjoy the event.

Do real time social media updates

You can participate in a social media group chat or discussion while the game is going on. You can exchange comments and views about the game in real time on Twitter or Facebook. If you are the humorous and funny type, you can create some meme and pretty sure, you’ll gain lots of interaction.

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Doing any of the above suggested activities can surely add more fun and excitement to an already exciting game.So I suggest that you try all of them.