Just In!

Few homeowners have the resources to just up and paint their homes whenever the whim grabs them. If you have been saving for a fresh coat of paint to make your home look as new as the day you bought it, there may be some frustrations along the way if you aren’t aware of all that it takes to paint a home, especially in places like Phoenix. There is no doubt you will get wonderful results, but it is important for you to be aware of four factors home painters in Phoenix have to consider. Unless you understand what they are up against, you may get antsy waiting for them to get going.

1) Dust Is Literally Kicking up a Storm

Anyone living in and around Phoenix, throughout all of Arizona for that matter, should be well acquainted with those nasty dust storms. During certain times of the year it is so dry that when the wind kicks up, dust is literally driven for hundreds and hundreds of miles. Whether home painters are hired to paint the exterior or interior of your home, it is simply impossible to paint during a dust storm. (That is, unless you are looking for a textured finish, which is highly doubtful!)

2) Rain, Rain Go Away

Then there are those intense rain storms. Rainy season in Phoenix is nothing to joke about as it can quickly come down in torrential amounts. Of course, it is only logical that home painters can’t work on the exterior of your home during downpours, but what about the interior? Some painters may be reluctant to work in such damp conditions because it not only delays the drying time but may trap moisture under the paint. Could this bring about black mold and mildew? Some believe it does even with a coat of Kilz under the top coat as a primer.

3) Huge Variations in Type of Architecture

Being part of what is considered the Southwest, Phoenix has an abundance of different styles of architecture. Some homes are adobe style whilst others are designed with modern siding. Each type of home takes a special kind of paint as well as different procedures utilized in painting. Home painters in Phoenix deal with more variations in architectural home designs than in many areas of the country. For example, it is rare to see an adobe home in Georgia so painters there aren’t usually concerned with the techniques involved.

4) Smog Is More than Poor Visibility

Recently, Phoenix moved way, way up the charts on the worst US cities for smog. A painter would have an extreme amount of difficulty working if the smog level reaches a certain point. Not only could it hinder visibility, but it is dangerous to be outside for any length of time under these atmospheric conditions. A home painter may ask to put an exterior paint project on hold for a few days until the pressure inversion lifts or the air clears up a bit.

So, before getting frustrated and antsy when your home painter says they need to wait until conditions improve or for specialty paints to be ordered for various styles of architecture, you should know he’s probably telling the truth. Phoenix is a wonderful place to work and live, but it can sure create problems for home painters on a tight schedule. That’s a fact.