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These days, more and more homeowners are open to experimenting with materials and designs when it comes to their properties. Something that is slowly growing in popularity is stack stone, which are sometimes referred to as cladding. Because very little is known about stack designs, we felt it was important to outline some of the advantages of using this type of stone around your home and property.

Stack Stones Property

  • Affordable
    In some cases, the use of the stack design can actually lower the cost of construction (especially if you are using it over a large surface, such as a wall). This is because it is much cheaper to cover a plaster wall in stone than it is to build one in stone from the ground up. This is why cladding is the perfect choice if you have fallen in love with a particular look but don’t have a whole lot of budget left.
  • Attractive
    One of the main advantages of using stack stones is that they are highly aesthetically pleasing. You will find that the area becomes a real feature of your home and that many visitors comment on how attractive the space feels. It is also possible to choose from a wide variety of stones (including sandstone, bluestone, travertine and granite) to ensure that you achieve the look you are after.
  • Durable
    Because stone is a natural material, you will find that it doesn’t easily fade or deteriorate. The problem with a lot of other construction materials is that they must be properly treated to ensure they will withstand the elements or general wear and tear. Cladding, on the other hand, will last a number of years with very little maintenance. This is perfect for homeowners who don’t have a lot of free time.
  • Flexible
    The good news is that stack stone can be used over most existing walls, which means that it can be added either during the construction stage or a few years down the track. This has led to homeowners who built a number of years ago giving their homes an update. It can also be used indoors or outdoors with ease, allowing you to either make a statement or continue a particular flow.
  • Versatile
    One of the best things about cladding is that it can be used for a variety of applications around your property. Whether you are interested in building letterboxes, capping tiles, garden walls, entranceways, feature walls, swimming pool surrounds, fireplaces or something else entirely, you will find that this stone is the ideal solution. As mentioned above, this material can be used indoors or outdoors with ease.

Whilst there are many other advantages to using stack stones on your property, we believe that the five we have covered above are the most beneficial. If you are open to experimenting with the design and appearance of your home, we recommend that you install cladding somewhere that will get you noticed, whether this is inside or outside. If you cannot decide where to use this stone, why not pick a couple of spots where it would look great?