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According to research and studies, around 90% of home water damage could have been prevented by regular maintenance. The studies also shows that installing leak detection system in place could have prevented costly damages done by water leaks or even by floods.

As a homeowner, you surely want to prevent any kind of water damage that could cost a lot of money or even your lives. In order to do that, you must be able to understand and easily identify the threats that could lead to severe water damage inside your house. Below are 3 of the most common cause of water damages that you must always look out.

Rain water

Rain can severely damage the interior and exterior part of your house. It can wear down your structure and can also cause extreme flooding in your area. If you live in an area where rain or severe flooding is inevitable, you must always prepare your house for extreme weather conditions. Check out how this resident was able to protect his home from floodwater and see if you can do it as well.

Rain Water

Leaking pipes and plumbing problems

Leaks from pipes are pretty hard to detect until it’s too late. Since the pipes are hidden to the naked eye, it’s quite not easy to tell if it’s already leaking for a long period of time. To prevent bursting pipes that leads to water damage, set up a regular inspection and maintenance. You can do this on a monthly basis just to make sure all pipes are OK, without any leaks or severe damage.

Water Pipe Leak

Old appliances

If you are using old water tanks and washing machines, it’s best to check it regularly to avoid any water leaks. Same thing goes with aged dishwashers, refrigerators and air-conditioners that could bring unwanted water inside your home. If you can, you can replace this old appliances with newer ones that are less susceptible to damage.

Old Appliance

Preventing water damage before it could cause bigger problems is quite easy if you know what to do and where to look at. With the above given tips or list, you now have an idea where to look regularly to prevent water-induced problems. Better yet, seek for professional guidance from those people who are experts in water damage restoration and flood water removal.