Just In!

Getting people to enter your store is only half the battle when it comes to generating revenue. The rest of the battle takes place when you try to make sure that your customers buy everything they need while they are in your store. Sometimes you have items and your customers do not realize it, while other times you put up marketing that reminds your customers to pick up an item they had forgot to put on their list. There are plenty of effective in-store ways to generate revenue once you have customers in your store that you should use to increase revenue.

Large Lighted Signs

Before LED technology came along, stores would put up large signs with lights on them to draw attention to certain items. These days, you can use LED signage to remind clients about items you have on special, or recommend accessories to items they may have purchase. LED signs are programmable and have a strong visual impact on customers who are already in your store.

Aisle Markers

Many store owners take for granted the power of simple things like aisle markers. When your customers are walking up your main aisle looking for items, they appreciate guides above each aisle indicating what products are on the shelves in those aisles. Customers also use aisle markers as ways to remember what products they needed that they forgot to put on their shopping lists.

Product Posters

You should never turn down marketing displays for your aisles when they are offered by manufacturers, and you should make your own product posters for the products that have no marketing displays. You can never have too many marketing displays and posters set up in your store as anything that catches the customer’s eye is going to raise interest. Large posters with basic wording on them about the products you want to feature will go a long way towards increasing customer interest.

Attracting foot traffic requires good advertising, but it is only part of the job when it comes to marketing your store. Once you have customers in your building, you have to do everything possible to make sure that they know about your products and have the information they need to make buying decisions. Dress up your store with marketing tools and watch your revenue go up.